4 comments on “Miracles?

  1. I saw the advert for that and was intrigued, thanks for posting the review. It was very interesting :)

    Maybe we are seeing popular interest turn back to God in Britain right now?

  2. Have it taped but not viewed yet. The advert looked positive, so look forward to seeing it.

    Any chance of the Sunday night passage yet??


  3. Having had a good look at what your up to it looks great and very professioanl. Well Done keep up the good work.


  4. Annoyingly I forgot to watch the programme. Strangely I got to hear the bishop of Llandaff taking the assembly in Conrads primary school. I dont know much about him but i thought he spoke to the children well. Although it wasnt “gospel” he showed different crosses and explained God loves the world.

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