2 comments on “Lifting the Veil, Daniel 2

  1. I always wondered whether the Britain or the US was the last one, the US is of note because it is essentially built of both Caucasians and African Americans, which could indicate iron and clay (whichever is which, that isn’t my point). But there is a distinct lack of colonialism with the Americans so I’m thinking no.

  2. As I mentioned on Sunday there is endless speculation as to who the feet of the image represent. For my own part, it’s clear that any solution must take in to account;
    1. To state the obvious, the feet are connected to the legs as they are partly iron
    2. The image in chapter 2 cannot be considered without reference to the four beasts of chapter 7 and the great beast of Revelation 13 & 17
    3. The toes are important, bizarre as it may seem. The toes are mentioned whereas the fingers are not (hence the image is normally drawn with folded arms) and the fourth beast in chapter 7 and the beast in Revelation both have ten horns
    After studying the passages some have guessed that the feet/fourth beast are the EU they point out;
    1. There are numerous references to Rome in Revelation, e.g. when speaking of the great beast we are told “This calls for a mind with wisdom. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits.”(Rev 17:9) There are many cities with seven hills in the world but for John’s readers it could only be Rome
    2. The EU was founded by the treaty of Rome
    3. The area covered by the Roman Empire is similar to that covered by the EU, particularly in its early days
    4. “The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom” (Rev 12). This has led some to believe that the bible is speaking of a ten kingdom confederacy of Europe. When there were ten nations in the EU in the 1980s they were very excited.
    5. The fact that Roman Catholics have a leader who is the Bishop of Rome.
    It goes on but personally I find it hard to imagine the end times without a significant role for the US, India and China not to mention Islam. The first three beasts in chapter 7 outlive the fourth beast and the great beast from Revelation contains elements of all four of Daniel’s beasts though by the time of the Roman Empire the earlier empires were long gone yet it seems that they play a part in the end times.
    My opinion for what it’s worth is that the image and the beasts speak of all humanity’s rebellion against God. The end times will involve the whole world so the beast could easily make war with a UN mandate. As for the iron and clay, aren’t we living in a society with those two elements now? On the one hand there are those who would seek to compel Christians to convert to another faith and on the other we have liberals who don’t seem to believe in anything except in the idea that Christianity is wrong and must be stopped. I notice Nick Clegg has said this week that faith schools should be compelled to teach his particular view on the subject of homosexuality.
    I think it was RT Kendall when speaking about the second coming of Christ described himself as a Pan- millennialist explaining that it will all pan out ok in the end. As Paul says, “For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with him. Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” (1 Thes 5:9-11)

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