One comment on “Why! Why! Why!

  1. Why? why? Why? is the question being are asking, We will never know the answer. Will we ever understand? Perhaps not.
    Without being pompous, I think i understand a little, why? because I found myself in a very very desparate situation about 10 years ago.
    You see! My wife had just left me, I was devastated, suicidal, but I thank the Lord that I had not the courage, to take my own life.
    Was I a coward? maybe, but on reflection I now know what a sin I would have committed in the sight of the Lord.
    We as mere human beings feel in our suffering as being so unbearable that we cannot carry on, that life is not worth living.
    Believe me my friends, life is everything and we should hold on to that thought for as long as we live. I deeply understand the grief that Gary’s family must be going through, and my deepest sympathies lie with them, but at the same time spare a thought for Gary, and the torment he must have been going through, I have and rightly or wrongly this is why “I think I understand.”

    Rest in Peace Gary.

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