4 comments on “New Church Web Site!

  1. Goodness! I really had better fix those last few bugs now huh! No problem for me, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making it :).

    Also, don’t be afraid to give feedback – I’ve got a pretty thick skin.

  2. Today’s passage
    Something I heard that may get readers thinking was, as it was that every one had to go to there family line of birth requiring people to return to their ancestral homes then there would have been a great many people there that would have meant Joseph’s and Mary’s other relatives would have been there as well, so they would have known about Mary having a baby while she and Joseph were only engaged to be married, “though they were married at the time of the Lords birth” it could have lead to them being rejected so that it many not have been a shortage of rooms that lead to our Lord being laid in a manger ,but that they were not welcome because of the Lords birth, and as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ we all know what it is like to be rejected by family, because of our love for Jesus, so let us continue to pray and love them that reject or even hate us, because with out Jesus they are lost and I for one would so very much love to spend eternity surrounded by my family friend and neighbours in heaven worshiping our Lord Amen.

    Ps sorry about the spelling and grammar but Dyslexia rules KO

  3. Sorry should have been about 11th bible reading
    Regarding the website is really great and easy to work well done Dave

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