One comment on “February 19th – Luke 9:46-50

  1. I never had the joy of being a Christian as a small child (how my life’s path would have been different if I had) through no other reason than not being brought up with parents that neither knew or loved Jesus and my own selfish bad behaviour, but I have known what it is like to be homeless and on the street and I also know what it is like to have much more than I needed (I’m glad to say I am not in either of those places now, praise the Lord).
    The point of this comment is when I had more than I needed, I remember walking pass a homeless block in his 30s sitting in a shop doorway dirty and smelly and begging for food, and I remember saying under my breath “get a job” I them walked about 10 paces and stopped as if I had hit a brick wall and I then heard a very audible voice in my head say “Paul don’t you remember that was you 20+ years ago” and though at the time I did not know Jesus as my saviour I remember feeling really guilty, so turned around and gave him something for food and promised myself I would try never to look down on anybody like that again.
    So I need to remember were I have been before I think of how great I think I am.
    Thank you Jesus for being our servant King.

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