3 comments on “February 20th – Luke 9:51-62

  1. At the age of 64+ I have been a follower of Jesus for 14 years so I have 50 years of none Christian friends and family behind me.
    Many think I have become a religious nut and some of them still try to trick me. They think I will drop a pretence regarding this new found hope I have in God.
    On one occasion one of my friends (yes I still love him much to his annoyance) tried to create discourse between myself and my wife Anne of 35 years. I love Anne so much and I would give my last breath to save her. He asked me who I love more my wife Anne or Jesus.
    My answer without a second thought was JESUS. He then assumed that would start an argument between Anne and myself ( he was always trying to do this) I finished answering his question by saying, because I love Jesus and put him first in my life, I actually loved Anne more than I could have loved her before.
    By following Jesus and putting him first in my life I realised how little I did love Anne, with my selfish behaviour, my dishonest actions and my need to please myself.
    Following and putting Jesus first in your life doesn’t mean losing anything; in fact you end up gaining everything, eternal LIFE.
    By following Jesus I now have the opportunity to tell Anne, my children, my grandchildren and my relatives, friends, neighbours and even the ones that annoy me, how they can spend eternity with me in the presence of Jesus.
    So you see by putting Jesus first I now love Anne more!

  2. Thanks for your comment Paul. A good practical example of how putting Jesus first doesn’t mean you lose out.

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