One comment on “February 21st – Luke 10:1-16

  1. Old age is a funny thing the older you get the faster it comes, what I mean by that is when I was about10 years old I never thought I would get to be 30 never mind 50, it was so far out of my vision it was like looking into space and seeing the stars thinking i will never reach any one of them in a million years. But old age is different it’s like standing in front of a mirror, the things you see most are behind you and if in your 60s like me it’s scary how quickly memory,s got there, more importantly looking back over our life’s we remember (certainly in my case) how meany times we may not have got to the age that we are today through luck, fate, karma in my case it was by Gods grace, I was never the most safety conscious block to work with, one really good Christine brother says I an an accident waiting to happen.) my point is as Mark pointed out we are greatly blesser being in a country of free speech there are many about the world that do have that freedom but we can, we can freely tell others about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ so let’s do it because tomorrow maybe to late, and if you are reading Marks comments today and have not given you life to Jesus DO IT NOW because when I look back and see how often I could had died and gone to hell scares me so much I just have to tell others because no one is beyond saving, Gods grace is boundless Amen.

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