One comment on “March 2nd Luke 12:13-21

  1. I love the film “The Goonies” it’s as funny today as ever it wasn’t 1985.

    There are a bunch of youngsters searching for a lost pirate treasure ship, and the long and the short of it is they find it full of gold and gems but then it all go’s wrong, and the story unfolds with each person helping to save the other and not the gold. (There is a great ending but I’ll let you watch the film to find that out) the thing I love about the film is not only did they work out that the gold was no good if they lost there life’s to get it, but there friends and even the bad guys (who were ready to kill them for the gold) could have lost there lives as well.

    Today’s passage reminds me I have lots of very close family and friends searching for that pot of gold thinking it will be the answer to everything , only this morning Anne my wife said “maybe she’ll win the Lotto”. And now I’ve just got back from visiting my niece and her husband who informed me over a cup of tea he may have some sort of cancer, he then proceeded to show me his very nice, very expensive table-saw his son got him for his birthday last week.
    It was a very nice table-saw, but it won’t be much good to him or his wife and son if the results come back as positive.

    Question, do I put my name down for the table-saw when he is gone? Or to I start telling him about Jesus?

    I would love a very expensive table-saw(boys and there toys) yes?

    NO I would love even more to spend eternity with Jesus and my nieces husband standing next to me praising God for His mercy.

    Today is the day to say YES to Jesus.

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