2 comments on “March 8th Luke 13:18-30

  1. As a new Christian I would have mental images of people walking on the road to hell, so I wanted to learn everything I could, then I could get out on the street and tell the good news of Jesus.
    As a new Christian I though all religions lead to God, because at that time the only bit I did know was that Jesus had saved me.
    As a new Christian I was invited to different church’s to speak and learn.
    As a new Christian I could have been easily influenced with with different leaders, teachings and doctrines.
    I remember going to a church that was an all-day event. Lunchtime was a help yourself buffet, so after filling my plate (some may say a bit to much) I sat at a table with a group of people I did not know, there was some small talk and a man in his 60s asked me which church I was from, I replied eagerly it was EB, at which the man replied “o that church” and then gave me his unsupported views of my church leaders, not in a good way I mite add. (Now as a follower of Jesus for the last 15 years) I would love to meet that man again and inform him that my leaders/brothers and sisters have varied and balanced view of the Bible who all agree as one that the Bible is trustworthy and TRUE.
    I totally agree with Phil yeast is known to spread through a whole batch of dough. A small amount has a large influence. Todays passage is the yeast we should grow with, not the years that Jesus warns us about in Matthew 16:6
    6 “Be careful,” Jesus said to them. “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” There are people among us that we meet in our daily lives that think they have got it all right and all they need to do is mark time, won’t it be sad if we just site there and watch then walk down the wrong road.

    Hopefully I have got my oxygen mask on and it’s working correctly according to the manufacturers instructions, then I need to turn and help the person next to me to put theres on right.

    Tell someone about Jesus today!

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