2 comments on “March 15th Luke 16:1-18

  1. Super Hoarders, its a TV series I have watched a few times, it’s about people that fill their homes with all sorts of things and never use, until there house is so full that there’s no room left to live in, and still they wont more. I am known by some people both worldly friends and Christian friends as ‘Arfur Daily’ I am quite often asked ‘asked have you got or do you want’, I’m glad to say it’s not money (I’m rubbish with that) the things I’m on about are things like tables, chairs, beds, printers, everyday things that people have no more use for, or are in need of, it’s not that I’m a ‘Super Hoarder’ I just hold onto things knowing that sometime in the future there will be a need to be filled. I’m retired now so I don’t work for a weekly wage, but I will never stop working for The Lord, wether you work for money, or other people’s hand-me-downs, it’s not what God blesses you with in your daily walk, it’s what you ‘manage’ and do with it that glorifies Him.

    It’s not ours to keep, but The Lords to use, let use all be honest and faithful managers of Gods Grace and Gifts in our lives.

  2. Thank you Beth.
    The wonderful thing about reading words compared to listening to someone speaking is the fact that you can go back and read it again without losing the thread while your mind ponders what you have just read. I listen a lot to audio sermons and commentary, and as with reading my mind ponders thoughts, but unlike reading, the commentary continues, and if like me you either miss what was said next or forget the pondering thought, reading is for me the best way to record the thoughts for an other day. So thank you Beth for all the hard work you put in this week, may there be many more to come.

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