One comment on “March 18th Luke 17:11-19

  1. Here is a thought, how many times have family or friends asked us to pray for a problem or a crisis that is afflicting them and they have no one els to turn to, so they turn to God, but not by praying them selfs, but by asking us to pray. I know from personal experience what that is like, way, way back when I was young my brother had an accident involving a pushbike and a very solid telegraph pole, the pole won, and my brother suffered a brain injury and was in a coma, we all thought he would die, I remember very clearly trying to pray to a God I did not ever think about, (at the time I did not have a Christian to turn to, so I had to do it myself) and I have to be honest never gave God a second thought after, but my prayer was answered. (I know it was answered, when I give my life to Jesus and was able to see it clearly, I knew personally it was He who answered it).

    If I was reading this for the first time, I would probably think “how ungrateful the other nine were to just continue walking, “I have made a judgment” now as a sinner saved by Grace, I would “hopefully” turn and give thanks and praise to The Lord Jesus, and not keep on walking as the nine did,

    ‘How many of use just in the last year, have forgotten to thank The Lord for answer to prayer ‘. “Guilty as charged”.

    I don’t know if the nine were saved sinners or just religious believers,What I do know, is that praying for my brother, God answers prayer because He is a loving God full of Grace. So the next time we are asked to pray for people that, neither know or love God, we need to know “He Knows and loves them”.

    “If God blesses so abundantly those who are not chosen, what is the magnitude of His blessings for those who are chosen? If nonspiritual people experience such outpourings of merely common grace, how great must the special grace of the regenerate be!” (Boice)

    Ps I am sorry there are so many of the personal “I” in my comments, but I (there it is again) believe God uses our personal life experiences when reading his word, to remind us of His Grace in our life’s.

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