One comment on “March 23rd Luke 18 :31-34

  1. How many people over the centuries, have told someone they loved them so dearly, they would die for them, I know I would, If it meant saving my wife, my children, my grandchild, and anyone else I had a chance to save, I would do everything in my power to stop it happening.

    (I hope this is not a hollow boast, I would hope I would be true, BUT as Cory Ten Booms farther once said to her, when she questioned herself on wether she could do it, he told her, ” if and when the time came, it would not be her strength BUT Gods strength in her that, and Jesus would be standing with her, that would hold her up if ever the time came.)

    So here’s a thought, Jesus did not say they were slow to understand,as was the case in, Mathew 15: v6 “Are you still so dull?” or was it that if there eyes had been opened, they would have done everything in there power including as Peter said “he would die for Jesus before he would deny Him” the devil would and had used the disciples to stop Jesus from going to the cross, and for filling Gods plan for us. Mathew 16:23

    There is a saying ” it’s the little things in life that make a difference”

    in the Bible even the littlest words like.
    Grace And Mercy.
    That make an eternal difference.

    Like Stuart said “thank you Lord Jesus for the “but”.

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