2 comments on “March 24th Luke 18:34-43

  1. In verse,38 Bartimaeus called out.
    But in verse,38 Bartimaeus shouted out.

    I remember going to my first house group, at a most wonderful and loving couples house Molly and Ken’s.
    At the end of the meeting Molly said “Paul can you close in prayer”, and then Molly continued with “because you pray so eloquently” (if you have been in a monthly prayer meet lately, you will know that is not true, most of the time my sentences are more babble than eloquent,) I had to the confess to the group, that the reason they sounded so eloquent (not that they were) it was I would write down my prayer on paper, to read out in open time on Sunday, the other thing Molly and the group never knew was, I would start writing on Monday and still be trying to get it right on Sunday morning, just before going to church.

    It’s was a bit like Bartimaeus, though I didn’t see it until today’s reading.
    I knew when I called out to Jesus and he saved me,I then wanted to be like Bartimaeus, I wanted to follow Jesus and worship Him, but as a new Christian I needed to learn how to worship Him, and ask Him, to save all my family as well, I wanted Jesus to open there eyes to His love and forgiveness.
    That’s why I would start thinking on Monday, about what I wanted to say to My Lord and Saviour on Sunday, on reflection, you could say, and I think It must have been, I had been worshiping and praying all week, by really thinking hard all and truthfully I wanted to say (pray) to Jesus, and it wasn’t that I wanted to be sounding eloquent before the people listening, it was, I wanted it to be genuine, like Bartimaeus, I wanted to shout it out to my Saviour, not just mumble it to the ceiling.

    Forgive me Lord when I forget who it is I am praying to. ‘Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!’

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