2 comments on “March 26th Luke 19:11-27

  1. Please let me know if I’ve got this wrong.

    By the skin of my teeth.

    Like all new Christians I wanted to know everything about this new found love for Jesus I now had, so I was always asking Phil and Jackie everything, one of things I remember was, how are we to view our salvation, and the thing I loved, and still love about Phil is, when I asked a question, he would quite often say “well there are two views on this” and the conversation would then be about him answering the question from these different views, maybe it would be, Calvinism, Arminianism or some other ism, and how these views could be right, or these views could even be wrong. Looking at today’s passage made me think about these views and how much do I, invest into the treasure trove of Gods Grace bestowed upon me, do I constantly need to be investing into Gods Grace until I get to glory, (that’s one view,) or can I just think to myself, “I have been saved, and have received His Grace, so that’s it, I can just sit on my bum, and enjoy the ride” (that’s another view,) or do I want to just say thank you Lord for saving me from the jaws of hell, and do what ever I am able to do, whether it is, saying hello at the door, going out on the street to evangelise, running a youth group, or even being at the end of a phone to say good morning “are you ok”.
    Yes we all need to do something, I noticed in this mornings passage that all the servants were saved, it was only the ones that hated the King that were not.
    So my view is, not what do i have to do to be saved (my Lord and Saviour my Lord Jesus Christ did everything that was needed to be done on the Cross) but by showing Jesus how much I love Him, by doing what ever I can for him out of love, ….”be it ever so small” a smile, good morning or can I hold that door for you,to the next person I see, “I don’t won’t to get there by the skin of my teeth”.

    God give us all gifts, we need to use them, or we could have them taken back,
    You don’t miss it till it’s gone. treasure the gift by sharing it.

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