One comment on “March 27th Luke 19:28-40

  1. Luke 19: 28-40 God’s plan.
    I love replying to the morning commentary, after reading the bible verses, there are a few reasons I love doing this (not in the order of priority I may add) but one reason is, I hope it gives encouragement to the writer knowing it has been read, and an encouragement to the reader,another is, hoping someone else will add a comment or two, (that way it could turn into a bit of an online study) that’s me just being selfish, and another reason is, what have I gleaned from the reading, I hope none of the above reasons are self focused, even though I have asked more than a few people if they are annoying, but that’s me and my lack of confidence in writing,
    But something els has happened these past few weeks and it made me look look at myself in the mirror, and what I saw was two things, (again not in order) what I saw was, me being rather proud, the other thing I saw in the mirror was me looking back at me, and not God standing before me, I need to stop looking at my sinful reflection, and start looking at God’s Glory in the person of Jesus Christ.

    Thank you Stuart for reminding us that it God’d perfect plan in our lives matter, not our boasting of being part of it.

    God’s plan and sacrifice was perfect and complete. However, whatever the motives, the Trigger plan and gift was self-focused and had no eternal value.

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