One comment on “March 28th Luke 19:41-48

  1. Luke 19: 41-48

    I know before I start writing this, there are memory’s in my head, of many brothers and sisters telling me “we have all done things wrong in the past and “still do today”, but by repenting (saying sorry) and giving our lives to The Lord Jesus we are forgiven”, and they are 100% spot on.

    (2 Cor 7: 10) Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret,

    But that still doesn’t stop some people judging use when we fall, and even when we say sorry, they judge it as a hollow sorry.

    As forgiven sinners have we the right to judge others?, or do we love them unconditionally?.

    As someone that had a long history of standing before judges, I know how to say sorry, and then deliberately go and do it again, sometimes within hours of leaving court. but my dad, who loved me, and I have no doubt hated every bad thing I did, still loved me, even though he knew my repentance was hollow, he would have given his life for me, (as his son, I can only guess at this) if it came to it, now as a farther, I now know how he felt.

    If we as parents we know how much it greaves our harts to see our family and friends, both heavenly and earthly, do something wrong, and as was the case with Stuart’s friend.

    when we point a finger, we need to remember there are three other fingers pointing back at us.

    We do love Jesus; and we want to praise Him; yet we must also allow His cleansing presence in our lives. If He wants to turn over some tables in our hart, so be it. (David’s Guzik)

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