One comment on “March 30th Luke 20:9-19

  1. Luke 20: 9-19

    Jesus is reminding his listeners of how there forefathers, killed the prophets of old, and are about to kill Him.

    Those of us that come to church each week, hear speakers talking about great martyrs of the Christian faith, from Steven (Acts 7: 59) to this present day, and we continue to see news bulletins of Christians being persecuted, imprisoned and killed, just for being in love with and followers of Jesus.

    I hope this makes use weep, and pray for our martyrs that have and are suffering for the Lord Jesus today.

    Lord I pray with grateful thanks, for the privilege of letting us live in a country where we are free to love you and worship you as God Almighty, but Lord let us not sit in our comfortable free surroundings, while others around the world are being persecuted for proclaiming you name, stir us in to action Lord, let us use this privilege to go out and tell many people of Your gift of salvation.

    The wonderful thing about this country is the streets are full of people telling others about God, “just the wrong god” so let’s use the freedom we have, and stand tall in the same streets and tell them about Jesus, if He can die for use, we should stand for Him.

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