One comment on “March 31st Luke 20:20-26

  1. Luke 20: 20-26
    The news is full of cleverest accounts being payed high sums of money by company’s to legally avoid paying tax, it may be legal but that doesn’t make it right, if we didn’t pay taxes there would be no police, no rubbish collections, no help for the old, and definitely no health services, There are many questions and answers Jesus’ gives in the Bible, and every one of them perfect, the reason for that is simple, HE IS GOD, so as He is God that must mean He created every language in the world, therefore He is able to answer every question asked of Him, PERFECTLY.

    why is it the world try’s so hard to avoid paying there taxes? When they know the benefits received

    why is it the world try’s so hard to avoid paying attention to Gods perfect word?

    The United States government has something called the Federal Conscience Fund, which collects money people send in because they know they cheated the government in some way. People have sent in money because they took army blankets for souvenirs, for cheating on postage, or on income tax. But our consciences are notoriously weak or corrupt. One man wrote the IRS and said, “I cheated on my taxes and can’t sleep at night. Here is a check for $100. If I still can’t sleep, I’ll send the rest I owe.”

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