One comment on “April 3rd Luke 21:5-19

  1. Luke 21: 5-19
    Can anyone remember James Probert tell a humerus story about a man asking God for money?

    It went a bit like this,

    The man asked God in his Eternal Time, was it true that a day was like a thousand years and a moment is is like a hundred?
    God replied YES.
    Then the man asked, is it also true, that in Your Eternal Wealth, a penny, is like a million pounds?
    God replied YES.

    The man then asked God, would you let me have just, one, of your pennies?
    God replied YES.
    The man then asked, when?
    God replied, IN A MOMENT.

    It was a funny story, but as a funny stories, there is a element of truth to it.

    To God a day is as a thousand years, (Psalm 90: 4)

    So in God’s Eternal timing, it is just TWO DAY’s from Jesus telling his disciples this.
    If this is so, and we only have to wait another day, a half day, or even a moment, for Jesus’ return, (I don’t know, only God knows), we need to tell the lost about the True Jesus, because there are groups of people on the streets now, telling the same lost lames, (as we all were) of there false messiahs.

    The clock is ticking, every second counts.

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