One comment on “April 4th Luke 21:20-28

  1. Luke 21: 20-28

    The ostrich affect

    To Ignore or hide from obvious signs of danger. (Alludes to an ostrich, which is believed incorrectly to hide its head in a hole in the ground when it knows danger is coming.) I have someone I love so much, that will do this all the time, they think if they don’t think about it, it won’t happen, but the problem with the ostrich affect, it still happens.

    Jesus told his disciples the temple would be destroyed, and it was, so if what Jesus said came true, I can be reassured the rest of what he said is true, and just to back it up, John writers in Revelation about it as well (in very graphic details) and that scares me into doing something about it.
    So the next time the person in love so dearly, bury there head in the sand, I will wait quietly until they pull it out again, and tell them about Jesus, and if they ignore it, I will quietly wait and tell them again, and again, and again, and again, for as long as I can, because I love them

    Ps If ever I think of giving up, I will read Revelation to remind me why I can’t stop telling them again about Jesus, because I love them.

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