One comment on “April 5th Luke 21:29-38

  1. Luke 21: 29-38

    When the Bridegroom came for His bride, He found the five easily, because, there lamps were burning bright, they didn’t know at what time He was coming, but they had faith in Him because, the bridegroom had told them He loved them and would return, so they brought extra oil for there lamps, so they would shine brightly.
    The lesson for me is, am I keeping my lamp shining bright? If I am, them people around me will see it, as I wait for Jesus to return, (you are the Bible they read) if they see the Holy Spirit shinning bright in us, it means they are looking, if they are looking, there is opportunities to talk, if we can talk, we can tell, and the Holy Spirit can light a lamp in there hart.

    Be ready
    Fill up with oil.
    Keep your lamp burning bright.
    The clock is ticking
    Jesu will be back, Hallelujah.

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