One comment on “April 6th Luke 22:1-6

  1. Luke 22: 1-6

    By reading the Bible, It is easy to look on Judas, and condemn him out of hand, it is easy to condemn the religious leaders as well, I’m not defending any of them, what I am saying is, reading about a past event can cause us to make judgmental after the fact. Judas was a thief who loved money, we are told he stole money from the communal purse, and accepted payment for betraying Jesus. The religious leaders, loved power and self praise, plus they had a beautiful temple to boast about, so my question to myself, is, if I did not have the Bible to read and know the whole of the story, from beginning, to middle, and most definitely the END, could I have been one of the people to have conspired to kill The Son of God, I would almost definitely been in the crowd shouting crucify Him.

    Gods eternal plan was for Jesus to die on that cross at Passover, so if it had not been Judas, or the religious leaders, it could have been anyone of us.

    (As in Esther 4: v14. God in not dependent on us, His plan for us is always fulfilled.)

    It easy to condemn others, when we know how it all plays out, but how would it be if it was Jesus’ time now, and not two thousand years ago, I would not have had the end of the story to predict what would happen next. We could argue they had the Old Testament, that foretold all that would happen, but how many of us are guilty of reading the Word of God, and still wonting to hold on to this lifestyle of a nice home, cash in the bank, and all the other things we like to keep, that can harden our harts. (Hebrews 3:7-9)

    I see God using Judas and the religious leaders, not because He needed someone to blame, but because there harts were hard and “they” chose to be the ones to take part in God’s Eternal Plans.

    “God does not harden men by putting evil into them, but by not giving them mercy.” (Augustine)

    But by the Grace of God go I.

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