One comment on “April 7th Luke 22:7-13

  1. Luke 22: 7-13

    To site down and look at this small passage, with out looking into the background of it, makes it a little bit plane, in comparison to what comes next, (that’s not meant to be irreverent) but if we look at it from a master plan point of view, it is brilliant, (but then God’s plans always are) with everything regarding known world history, we can look over the whole of human history thus far, with reading books,researching the web and watching documentaries, we can see how man has strived for world domination, and there are still efforts by government and groups, trying to achieve it today, but all that have tried, have failed, and will continue to fail, there was and always will be some small flaw in there plans.

    Looking at God’s plan of eternal life for the pinnacle of His creation, (you and me) by reading the Bible, (the perfect blueprint of God’s plan) we can see the devil, trying his best to creat that flaw.
    I think one of these times was not that far back from this passage. A bit back the religious leaders said they wanted to kill Jesus, but not during Passover, if you think about that, that would have worked out really well for the devil, no arrest, no Passover Lamb, (I may be wrong here let me know) no Passover Lamb, no Salvation, the devil wins, but NO the devil enters Judas, (and there’s the flaw in the devils plan,) Judas then go’s to the religious leaders and says “I could get Jesus for you”, but then Jesus tells just two of the disciplines were they shall celebrate the Passover with Him.
    It has been suggested, Judas didn’t know the place, otherwise the religious leaders could have arrested them all in the upper room, without any of the disciplines escaping, and that was not part of God’s plan either, (Mathew 26: v 31. Zachariah 13: v 7.)

    It gives me such great hope, to read even the less eventful passages of scripture, and know with certainty that God has the perfect plan for my life.

    If you are reading today’s passage, and are reading this bit, not knowing where your life is going?

    Give your life to Jesus, and receive God’s perfect plan for YOU.

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