2 comments on “April 8th Luke 22:14-27

  1. Great thoughts Lauren. In answer to your pondering my personal view is that sharing bread & wine in remembrance of all that Jesus has done & accomplished for us if done with thankfulness & a humbleness of attitude is great anytime, anywhere.

  2. Luke 22: 14-27

    There are persecuted Christian all over the world, hiding in underground Churches, or in prisons, many in solitary confinement, that come to the Lords table for communion, with no wine to drink or bread to brake, and I read somewhere of hostages sharing communion, by just miming drinking the wine and braking the bread, on Good Friday, simply because they had not been given food or water for days.

    It is not where, or with whom, or be it with a slice of bread or buttered roll, with or without wine or water, it is because of HIM we come to the Lords Table.

    What is certain is that Jesus bids us commemorate, not his birth, nor his life, nor his miracles, but his death.” (Carson)

    Thank you Jesus for saving me.

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