One comment on “7th June Acts 13:42-52  

  1. Today’s reading there is an emphasis on bridging the gap or in the case of the Jewish leaders keeping the gap by stirring up others against Paul telling them about Gods love for both Jews and Gentiles. In our walk with Jesus there are endless gaps we need to bridge friendship enemies and even brothers and sisters, some gaps are so wide it is outside our strength as with the Jews and Gentiles is was the power of God and then there are smaller gaps such as how do we learn to live with the generation gap in churches, well this weeks readings have gone a long way of closing that gap.

    As an old person I find it difficult to know how to talk to younger brothers and sisters (I tend to say the wrong thing that courses embarrassment) so I tend to avoid some people and it’s not because I don’t like them it is simply I do not fit into that particular circle, I imagine there are others like me in EB but I have found that by reading the bible studies each morning I am getting to know the writers iner-person so thank you Hanna for a great week hurry back, the more you write the more we get to know the inner you and hopefully that go’s for all the contributions.

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