One comment on “June 20th Acts 17:10-15

  1. Revised acts 17: 10-15

    Was it a very clever and deliberate mistake on the writers part to illustrate the point of testing the teacher (something I would never confess to being) by making the mistake of stating who the willing listeners were that Paul was talking to,
    “Paul went for three Sabbaths (equivalent to three of our Sundays) to teach about Jesus. These were fair-minded listeners in (Berea not Thessalonica as was posted) compared to the previous”
    Or was it simply a daft mistake by an even more daft writer thinking he was clever enough to be part of the commentary group.

    We’ll as the writer I would loved to have said it Was true I did deliberately mean to make the mistake there by make a point of the days comments, but sadly it is the later, I just got it wrong.

    Thank you Lord for keeping my feet firmly on the ground.

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