One comment on “July 8th Acts 25:1-12

  1. Acts 25: 1-12

    I love doing things for whoever I can, I get great joy from helping people no matter who they are but there have been times when I have taken on far too much (just this week Anne told me off for just that reason). Now I’m not so able to do as much as I have in the past, and I find it so frustrating because my head and arms still work great, but it’s not the pains in the legs that cause me grief it’s having to sit still and do nothing.

    After Paul’s great journeys it must have been so hard for Paul to sit still (but saying that there were a lot of people living in the palace that I’m sure Paul would have used every opportunity to tell them about Jesus) but after 20 years of travelling it must have taken it toll on Paul’s body, and wether or not Paul knew it or even wanted it he no doubt needed to rest, so was this part of Gods plan to give Paul healing rest and recuperation in preparation for the next part of his Journey? Because like it or not we all need to rest.
    We all need to remember as wonderful it is to work for the LORD we also need to rest in the LORD
    “Take that holiday and continue your walk refreshed”

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