One comment on “July 25th Colossians 2:16-23

  1. I’m sad to say I don’t come to communion very often and by that I mean maybe twice a year , I could give you a list of reasons why but that would not stop me feeling guilty, and that could lead onto someone saying “well if you feel that bad you should make more of an effort” of course I would love to share the bread and wine with brothers and sisters, and if it’s Gods will that things change in the future I look forward to it with great joy. But beating myself up over it, or someone saying “I must come to communion” could be construed as self-imposed religion or from there point of view legalistic.
    But for us as Christians all foods are pure (1 Timothy 4:4-5) and all days belong to God. We need to guard ourselves against thinking it’s what we do That can get use to heaven and remember it’s what JESUS DID that we have the right to call God our Farther and spend eternity with Him.

    “It would be preposterous indeed for those who had reaped the benefit of Christ’s victory to put themselves voluntarily under the control of the powers which he had conquered.” (BruceI)

    Self-imposed religion is man reaching to God, trying to justify himself by keeping a list of rules. Christianity is God reaching down to man in love through Christ jesus.(David Guzik)

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