One comment on “August 26th Psalm 22:19-31

  1. How many of use have heard a Christian brother or sister say “I have a peace about it” is that because they have decided to give up on a problem or a crisis in there life and bury there head in the sand and hope it go’s away (I know someone very close to me that will do that) or is it that they have prayed and payed it before The LORD, and they know that God is in charge and even though the problem or crisis has not been answered, but by reading and believing in Gods word it would be.
    It seems David was still in the thick of the suffering (and without it sounding irreverent so was JESUS), when he/they cried out to God, but both JESUS and David knew that THE LORD GOD was in charge the David could say “it is done” and JESUS could say “IT IS FINISHED.”

    . “As he thus cries, the conviction that he is heard floods his soul, and he ends, not with a cry for help, but with that one rapturous word, ‘Thou hast answered me.’ It is like a parting burst of sunshine at the end of a day of tempest.” (Maclaren

    May the peace of The Lord Jesus Christ be with us all, amen.

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