One comment on “October 13th Genesis 39  

  1. Thanks Stuart for this mornings reading really made me think

    “A faithful person will be richly blessed, but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished.”

    This verse coused a stir in my thoughts .when I read it, my first thought was how I used to strive to make money any way I could before I gave my life to Jesus, but then, in a flash, my thoughts turned to my brother and how he choose money over family. I had to forcefully push it out of my mind, because it would have been easy to pondering on things of the past and have a holier-than-thou atertude now I am a Christian. I love my brother and hold no anger regarding the things that happened in the fact I would have happily gone through far more just to be where I am today (thank you Kevin I love you for it.) I truly hope my brother is happy with what he now has In life, ( Joseph’s brothers weren’t as we will see in days to come) I know I am, there is a great happiness in serving my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ than striving for earthly riches,(we should all be like Joseph and be happy serving JESUS where ever we are put to serve) and I pray one day again like Joseph I will be able to site down with my brothers and sisters and tell them all about the richness of knowing my Lord Jesus Christ.
    (Money fills houses not Harts—-Jesus fills harts that make a home)

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