2 comments on “December 14th John 14:5-14

  1. After reading todays passage it tells me, that if you choose to not believe in God that is your prerogative (foolish as it is) but if you are choosing to believe that JESUS is not GOD then you are not just foolish but also very wrong, this has got to be one of the clearest statements spoken by JESUS to say I AM God in the flesh walking amongst you. (There are meany others through out the whole Bible)
    God gives us free will to believe, or not to believe in Him. But there is no free will in believing that God and Jesus are ONE, both God and Jesus have stated it as FACT.
    So to believe in a god with out Jesus and God as one is “fiction” not fact.

  2. . “If this seems offensively exclusive, let it be borne in mind that the one who makes this claim is the incarnate Word, the revealer of the Father.” (Bruce)

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