n584741843_465262_5522My name is Phil Lewis and I have been the Pastor at Ebenezer Church in Talbot Green, South Wales since 2003. I am married to Jackie, we have three grown up daughters and three grandchildren.


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  2. My name is Carol Henschel. My husband is a pastor in Georgia, USA. We hosted Dr. David and Anne James Morse some years ago at our church. We would like an update on David and Anne and a way to contact them, if possible. Thank you for any help you can offer us. Blessings, Tommy and Carol Henchel

  3. Hi Carol, if you could forward your email address, I could pass it on to David, who as it happens was speaking at our church two weeks ago. Alternatively, you could make contact via my email (phil.lewis@hotmail.com)


    Phil Lewis

  4. Hi Phil

    I’m writing on behalf of Bob Kauflin of Sovereign Grace Music to invite you as pastors, together with the worship leaders and musicians of your church to come and join him at WorshipGod UK 2014, a new national worship conference that is taking place in the UK. As an FIEC church, I hope it is of interest to you.

    The conference will be held on 5th-8th March 2014, at The Forum, in Bath. It’s a 3-day event on the theme of “Called to be Faithful” with the idea being that as pastors, leaders, worshippers, musicians and singers, we are not called to be famous or successful, or to put a primary emphasis on being creative, cool or impressive, but faithful. We will explore what it means to be faithful to receive God’s grace, be faithful to proclaim his Word and gospel, be faithful to serve our local church with the gifts God has given us, be faithful to grow in musical skill, be faithful to prepare people for suffering and death.

    We’ve got a great line up of main sessions and seminars that are packed with both theological truth and practical instruction. Our speakers include Bob Kauflin and some Sovereign Grace guys (Craig Cabaniss and Jeff Purswell), as well as Mike Reeves, Tim Chester, and Donald Whitney. Worship leaders and musicians will include folks from Sovereign Grace Churches in the UK and USA, as well as guests including Stuart Townend and Nathan & Lou Fellingham, and others.

    Andy Paterson, Director of Missions for the FIEC recently wrote of WorshipGod UK:

    “The word ‘worship’ has been twisted, stretched and mangled over the years. Churches have split over the word. Culture wars have erupted. Graceless battles have been fought. And yet at its heart ‘worship’ reflects the very nature of the triune God and should characterise every thought, action and response of blood-bought believers. How encouraging therefore to see such an excellent and varied team of thinkers and speakers coming together in Bath for WorshipGod UK 2014. Their breadth of experience and practice, allied to their unswerving commitment to Scripture, promises a time when participants will be able to reflect afresh on what it means to be a Christ-centred, God exalting, Spirit prompted, Bible saturated, Gospel driven, worshipping community. I heartily commend this conference to you.”

    All the details for the conference are on our website (worshipgod.org.uk). There’s a full list of speakers, seminars, schedule, lodging info and costs. You can follow us on twitter (@WorshipGODUK) or on facebook (facebook.com/worshipgoduk).

    I thought it might interest you and we’d be grateful if you could help us spread the word to those in your church, and those leaders/folks/musicians you are connected to in other churches. Registration is being handled by The GoodBook Co and is live now at http://www.thegoodbook.co.uk/bookings/details?id=204

    Thanks so much for all your help. We really do hope you can join us!

    Warmly in Christ,


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